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how to book a China tour

Guizhou in Spring

Tour code: SPECIAL-GZ-011
Duration: 5 days
Route: Guiyang, Kaili, Leishan, Wangba, Guiding
Attractions: Gejia, Flying Dragon Waterfall, Paika, Dragon Palace, etc


Day 1    Guiyang—Anshun (2.5hr, 180KM)
You will be met and welcomed by the guide in Guiyang Airport(Early Flight). Guizhou is nicknamed 'The Kingdom of Mountains', as 87% of its land is comprised of mountains and plateaus. The afternoon's program highlights the remaining culture of the old Han (Chinese) ethnic group. The ancestors of these villagers migrated from Jiangxi Province to Guizhou Province in the Ming Dynasty. We will visit Jichang Old Han village. Women here are still dressed in traditional Ming dynasty costumes, and houses remain faithful to the Ming architectural styles. In the village we would also watch the Ground Opera, which is called a fossil of opera because it has been played for over 6 centuries.(LD)

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Day 2     Anshun—Guiyang (2.5hr, 180KM)
Today we drive to Dragon Palace which is the largest underground karst cave with different shapes of stalactites and stalagmites and also the largest underground waterfall in China----the Flying Dragon Waterfall.  On the way we stop to visit Changjiao Buiyi village which was built at the feet of mountains and surrounded by lot of farming fields of rape flower with a flowing river in front of the village. (BLD)

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Day 3     Guiyang—Leishan(3.5hr, 300KM)—Kaili1hr, 90KM
Today we drive 2.5 hours along the mountainous road to Kaili and have lunch there. Drive 45 minutes from Kaili along the Bala River to Leishan, the center of the Miao culture in South-east Guizhou. From Leishan, we will hike for half an hour before we reach Langde Village, which is known for its Long-Skirt Miao, a subgroup of Miao ethnic minority group. After that we drive to Paika and hike in Paika village for 0.5 hour, you may feel as though you are idling along a corridor of landscape paintings of limestone pinnacles set against terraced rice fields and picturesque villages. Visit Lusheng Master for learning the Lusheng Making (Lusheng is the most important music instrument of Miao people). Drive back to Kaili. (BLD)

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Day 4     Kaili---Wangba(1hr, 70KM)---Kaili
This morning we drive 1 hour to visit Wangba, a quiet village inhabited by the Gejia minority, where we will learn about their culture, of which very little is known. The Gejia although classified as Miao are in fact a separate group. Their founder is General Da Sa, probably of Manchu descent. You will see the typical costumes, houses, embroidery and batik making here. Aftre lunch continue your trip to visit Shiqiao, where we will have a chance to see how local Miao people make paper from mulberry tree in a traditional way, on the way back to Kaili, we stop on the way to see Qingman Miao village which is famous for their Folded-silk felting costumes. (BLD)

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Day 5     Kaili—Guiding (2hr, 160KM)—Guiyang (1hr, 70KM)  
Morning we drive to Guiding, pay a visit to the “Jin hai xue shan” translated as white plum tree flowers and golden rape flowers. In this season hundreds of miles of the filed will be covered by the golden rape flowers and is the best time for your camera to keep the best pictures. Back Guiyang in the afternoon fro your connecting flight. Trip ends. (BL)