How to book a tour


how to book a China tour

Beijing traditional culture tour

Tour code: CY-008
Duration: 2 days
Route: Beijing
Attractions: Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Ming Tombs, Badaling Great Wall, TianAnMen Square

This tour is designed for people who has deep commitment and enthusiasm for Chinese traditional culture.  We will assign an experienced tour leader for this group.   He/She is the type of people who understands the history and culture and know the local people as old friends, with his/her wealth of knowledge and passion for his/her work.


Day 1
Picking up travelers from hotel on departure time, and then driving to the Forbidden City.  Visit the Forbidden City along the central axis from south to north for about 1.5-2 hours.

Things to see here:
The hall and the courtyard of supreme harmony,
The meridian gate,
The hall of supreme harmony,
The hall of complete harmony,
The hall of preserving harmony,
The huge of stone carving,
The hall of union,
The palace of earthly tranquility,
The imperial garden, etc.

Drive (30 minutes) to the Temple of Heaven, Visit it for about 0.5-1 hour.

Things to see here:
The hall of prayer for good harvest,
Red stairway bridge,
The imperial vault of heaven,
Echo wall,
Triple sound stone,
The circular mound altar, etc.

Driving (30minutes) to Summer palace. Spend about 1-1.5 hours.

Things to see here:
East palace gate,
The hall of benevolence and longevity,
Hall of jade billows, the hall of joyful longevity,
The covered walkway,
The marble boat, etc.

Visit Tiananmen square on way back to hotel.

Day 2
Pick up travelers from hotel on departure time, and then drive to the great wall (60 miles away from downtown about one and half hour's driving). Sightseeing on the most famous part of the Badaling Great Wall, visit for about 2 hours.

Things to see here:
Badaling Geat Wall, Badaling fortress, beacon-towers, "looking-toward beijing stone", etc.


Visit Ming Tombs.


Things to see here:
Big Red Gate
Tablet House
Memorial Arch
Underground Palace of Dingling
Sacred Road
Stone animals and Statues

Later in the afternoon, transfer back to your hotel.