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Venture into the Hidden Tribes of Guizhou

Tour code: Guizhou-068
Duration: 8 days
Route: Guiyang, Liuzhi, Kaili, Laotun, Leishan, Rongjiang, Danzhai, Yahui
Attractions: Long Horned Miao in Suoga, Four Seal Miao, Qingman, Liuhe, Paika, Duliu, Fengyuqiao


D1 Guiyang - Liuzhi
Take your flight to Guiyang. You will be met and welcomed by the guide in Guiyang Airport. Guizhou is nicknamed 'The Kingdom of Mountains', as 87% of its land is comprised of mountains and plateaus. We will drive 3.5 hours to Liuzhi, halfway was on the highway and halfway was on the country road.(D)
Stay at Liuzhi hotel (**)

D2 Liuzhi - Guiyang
We drive through a vista of terraced fields to Suoga, famous for the Long Horned Miao. This group still grows some hemp which they traditionally use to make their clothes. Today they buy in cotton to make their long pleated skirts and jackets. We also plan to stop off to see nick-named Four Seal Miao, as they once served the Emperor and it is said that the seal was awarded to them by the Emperor. This afternoon we will drive back to Guiyang. (BLD)
Stay at Guiyang Regal hotel (****)


D3 Guiyang - Kaili
Drive 2.5 hours along the scenic mountain roads to Kaili. Stop along the way to visit Shiqiao, where we will have a chance to see how local people make paper from mulberry tree in a traditional way. Walk around another Miao village named Qingman, of which the women are famous for making nice embroidery. (BLD)
Stay at Kaili Heaven-sent Dragon hotel (****)


D4 Kaili-Laotun-Kaili
This morning we drive 1.5 hours to Laotun village, start our 6 hours hike to Liuhe. You may found you are hiking along a stunning corridor with spectacular views of rivers, rice terraces, mountains and villages, your tour guide will find you a nice place for picnic lunch. This area is famous for Sister's Meal Festival in the spring and Dragon Boat Festival in summer. We will be back to Kaili in late afternoon. (BLD)
Stay at Kaili Heaven-sent Dragon hotel (****)


D5 Kaili-Leishan-Rongjiang
Today we will drive to Leishan and then to Datang, a Miao village with an aquatic granary and the women’s “Mini skirt”. Visit the Paika village, know more about Lusheng—the Miao people’s most important musical instrument. We will continue our journey to Rongjiang, enjoy stunning views of the Leigong Mountain. Stop on the way to photograph rice terraces at Kaitun. After lunch we will have a chance to visit a village of the Shui people.(BLD)
Stay at Rongjiang Xinglong hotel**


D6 Rongjiang-Danzhai
Today, we will drive along the picturesque river of Duliu to reach Danzhai. Firstly we visit Chejiang Dong village and the cluster of old Banian tree. The Dong can be recognized by their turbans (for men), and pleated skirts (for women). They are also known for their architecture, particularly their drum towers, and Fengyuqiao (or Wind and Rain Bridges), which are pavilions for sheltering people during bad weather. After we arrive at Danzhai, we then drive to visit Bazhai Miao villages around Danzhai. (BLD)
Stay at Danzhai Yingbinguan hotel***


D7 Danzhai-Yahui-Guiyang
Today we drive on the country road to reach Yahui village, Paidiao, Miao people here are famous for their Hundred-bird Coat for man to wear during festivals or ceremonies. Return to Guiyang in late afternoon. (BLD)
Stay at Guiyang Regal hotel****


D8 Guiyang
This morning is open for you to explore Guiyang, the City of Forest .Then we will drive to Guiyang Airport and catch your connecting flight back home, trip ends. (BL)