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how to book a China tour

Panda Base in Bifengxia

Tour code: Sichuan-074
Duration: 4 days
Route: Chengdu, Bifengxia, Chengdu
Attractions: Feed Panda, Weigh Panda, Clean Panda


Day 1 Chengdu-Bifengxia
Fly to Chengdu from Beijing. Met at the airport and drive to Bifengxia via Ya’an.

Day 2 Bifengxia
Volunteer programmes at Breeding Station. Stay overnight at Bifengxia.


Day 3 Bifengxia
Volunteer programmes at Breeding Station. Stay overnight at Bifengxia.


Day4 Bifengxia-Chengdu
Visit Shangli folk town and enjoy the unique local culture. (Lunch at local farmer’s)

Upon arrival in Chengdu, visit some folk streets  and enjoy the magical “Mask-Changing Show” after dinner.


Your Keeper work includes:

  1. Feeding your panda (fresh bamboo, apple, special biscuit and/or vegetables)
  2. Clean panda enclosure (give the panda a clean and comfortable place)
  3. Weigh your panda’s feces (one of the most effective ways to know the health of a panda)
  4. Clean bamboo (important to give pandas clean food)
  5. Clean your panda (Rinse your panda with cool water and see how much they enjoy it, but just in summer)
  6. Weigh fresh bamboo (It is important to know how much is offered to pandas, how much they consume, and the weight of their feces. Proper bamboo consumption is critical to the health of pandas)
  7. Weigh the bamboo after panda eats (To know how much they have eaten)
  8. Give an ice block to your panda (This helps them to stay cool in summer, and they love them!)

Schedule may change in the event of unforseen circumstances


panda base chengduExtension studies :

  1. You have the opportunity to become a panda behavior researcher. Learn how scientists collect data to better understand the minds and needs of giant pandas. Develop a research question, collect your own data and analyze the collected data to write the report.

  2. Visit and publish articles on our website at the Scientific and Technical Department to let more people better understand giant pandas and how to protect them.

  3. Communication with giant panda experts and educators at the Base.

Price of the package:

Includes: ticket, uniform , materials, certificate , English interpretation, training , and guide.

Please visit Panda Volunteer Program at Bifengxia on for details.