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Great Wall In-depth Hiking Tour

Trip highlights:

Experience all featured highlights of the Great Wall: Hunagyaguan, Jiankou, Mutianyu, Jinshanling, Simatai West.

Immerse yourself in the spectacular views of the incredible Great Wall.

Extend hiking trip to the vast Tiananmen Square, splendid Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven.

Caring, experienced local guide & driver will be helpful to ensure your safety and comfort on the way.

Great Wall In-depth Hiking Tour
Tour price: From US$531.00      5 Days        What is included question
Destinations: Beijing
Tour type: Private tour for a 7-seat van with tour guide and driver, available every day

Day by Day Itinierary

Day  1  Beijing  (   )

Welcome to the capital of China – Beijing, rich in history and culture!

Upon arrival at Beijing airport, you’ll be picked up and escorted to your hotel. The rest of today is yours to recover from jetlag.

It’s great to hang around Wangfujing Snack Street if you like. Tasting different local snacks and having a glimpse of Beijinger’s life. You can take some Sugarcoated haws in person, not just seeing from Chinese TV series.

Wangfujing StreeetIt is the grandest shopping area in Beijing, congested with modern shopping malls, such as the Oriental Plaza, Wangfujing Department Store, etc. It is also home to a wealth of hotels and specialty shops. Around is an afflicted snack street where you can enjoy the most authentic Beijing snacks.

[ Optional ] Lao She Tea House: Lao She Tea House is one of Beijing's most famous tea house, and has been visited by a number of well-known politicians. It is a wonderful entertainment house with short shows by comedians, singers, musicians, acrobats and opera performers.
Day  2  Beijing  ( B,L,D )

Hiking Route: Huangyaguan hiking (3 hours, 4 kilometers)

Our local guide will pick you up at 7:30am at your hotel and then drive to first destination Huangyaguan Great Wall (about 3 hours). Hike the whole section of the wall from Taippingzhai to Huangyaguan, and it will take you around 3 hours (4 kilometers). The rock and cliff to the east of this section are always yellowish at the dusk, therefore Huangyaguan is also named “Yellow Cliff Pass”. It is built on an abrupt mountain ridge and endowed with natural beauty. Some sections of the wall are quite narrow and steep, so please take your own pace. It’s worth doing this, as you will be rewarded with the breathing scenery.

Afterwards, you will have a late lunch and you’re free to explore the village in the afternoon. Stay overnight at a local farmer’s guesthouse.

Huangyaguan Great WallHuangyaguan section of Great Wall dips into the strategic Huangyaguan Pass, a large fortified garrison from the Ming dynasty has been somewhat modernized into visitor accommodation with the best view in town.

[ Optional ] Peking Opera: With a history of 160 years, Peking Opera, extolled as “Oriental Opera”, is representative of all operas in China. Full of Chinese cultural traditions and tidbits, the opera presents the audience with touching stories, beautiful paintings, exquisite costumes, graceful gestures and martial arts.
Day  3  Beijing  ( B,L,D )
Hiking Route: Jinshanling to Simatai West (3 hours, 5 kilometers)

After a typical farmer’s breakfast, you’ll be driven to Jinshanling Great Wall (about 2 hours) and start hiking at 8:00. Walking eastward along the old city Wall, and you’ll pass numerous watchtowers as well as walls that have not yet been restored. You will get off the Wall by Kylin Tower because of the recent closure of Simatai East section. But you have access to the Simatai West.

Then proceed to Jiankou and stay overnight at Xizhaizi village.

Simatai Great WallSimatai located at the boundary between Gubeikou Town,130 km away from Beijing, and Luanping County,Hebei Province. The 19-kilometre-long wall of Simatai began its construction in 1368, with its unique design. Its 35 watchtowers are original structured and varied in form.
Jinshanling Great WallAccording to historical records, the construction of this section of the wall was begun in 1571,part of the 1,000-kilometer-long section of the wall between the Shanhai Pass in the east and Changping County in the west, which was the result of cooperation between two famous Ming generals.

[ Optional ] Peking Roast Duck: With its long history, Peking roast duck is well known among both domestic and overseas customers. The duck is hung in the oven and roasted by flame burning from fruit-wood. It takes about 45 minutes for the duck to be done. The finished duck is characteristic with crispy skin, tender meat and the fragrance from the fruit-wood.
Day  4  Beijing  ( B,L,D )

Hiking Route: Jiankou to Mutianyu (5 hours, 10 kilometers) 

Today you’ll explore the Jiankou Great Wall at 8:00am and hike to the famous Mutianyu Great Wall. It will take 5 hours hiking on the wall with awe-inspiring views. The Mutianyu section is less crowded than other sections of the Great Wall and the foliage is much richer with vegetation cover reaching to above 90%. Shorts are not recommended as you will meander through jungles and bushes. On the way back into Beijing, you can stroll and take photos at the Olympic venues.

Mutianyu Great WallMutianyu Great Wall seems to be not popular as section at Badaling, but it doesn’t get as crowded, which assist you in appreciating the magnificent scenery easily. Woods cover over 96% of the total scenic area, and its 2.5 kilometer stretch allows you a walk with striking landscape and fresh air.

[ Optional ] Kungfu show: The splendid Kung Fu show, running daily in Red Theater of Beijing shows you an authentic Kung Fu on the spot, which combining story-telling, acrobatics to celebrate the philosophy and skill of martial airs. You enjoy the opportunity to contact performers directly after the show or to learn Kung Fu from them!
Day  5  Beijing  ( B,L )

On this day, you will first visit the immense Tiananmen Square after breakfast, always crammed with sightseers and kite-flyers. You may see the flag raising and lowering performed by our People's Liberation Army (PLA) if you are lucky enough. Walking north to the splendid Forbidden City, China's No.1 palace complex ornamented with imperial treasures.
In the afternoon, you will head for the Temple of Heaven where Chinese Ming and Qing emperors worshipped heaven and prayed for peace and harvest. Now locals come to play chess and do morning exercise routines.

Later you will be transferred to the airport for your flight to next destination or back to home.

Temple of HeavenIt was the place where the Emperor of the Ming and Qing dynasties would worship heaven and pray for good harvests. Built first in 1420, the Temple of Heaven is a precious example of China 's ancient architectural art and the largest design for worshipping heaven in the world.
Tian An Men SquareAs the largest city plaza in the world, it is of great cultural significance for its seeing of several key events in Chinese history. Today here are always sightseers and kite-flyers. Most visit at dawn or dusk to see the flag raising and lowering conducted by the PLA.
Forbidden CityFor almost 500 years, the Forbidden City served as the home of 24 Emperors and their households, and the ceremonial and political center of the Chinese imperial government. It was listed by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage Site in 1987.

[ Optional ] Xiushui Street: Xiushui Street, also named “Silk Street”, is a shopping center in Beijing, with over 1,700 retail vendors. Although there are various goods in the market, the most attractive goods are silk. It's the bargain hunter's paradise, where you can purchase the top-quality goods with the lowest price.