Cruise in China

Question: What is the best season to take the Yangtze Cruise?

The Yangtze River is situated in the subtropics. This area features strong winds, and high humidity. The average temperature is 30C (90F) in July and 10C (50F) in January. In summer, dramatic thunderstorms and heavy rains often raise the water levels between July and September. Winter is short and very cold. Spring and autumn are the best seasons for taking a cruise.

Question: How many Cruises in American Victoria Lines? How about the Cruise line?

There are 6 vessels in the Victoria Cruise’s fleet: Victoria Empress, Victoria Katarina, Victoria Prince, Victoria Queen, Victoria Rose, Victoria Star.

The newest ship is the Victoria Katarina.

All of the ships have been recently refurnished to make you trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

Being the only American managed cruise fleet on Yangtze River, Victoria Series is the most preferred vessel for Yangtze Cruising by our overseas clients with its superior amenities and hospitality.

Service onboard is both friendly and attentive. Each Victoria vessel has a crew of 112, which includes onboard Western management, Western cruise director, lecturers and international chefs.

Question: What is the newest condition of the Three Gorges Project?

The Three Gorges Project is the world’s largest hydroelectric power plant. It was started in 1994 and will be finished in 2009. Now the project has entered into its 3rd phase of construction. During this phase, all the turbine generator units will commence generating electricity, and the entire hinge project will be successfully completed.

Question: How long will it take for ships to pass through the five-level ship locks?

It will take ships approximately two and a half hours to pass through the five-level ship locks.

Question: How to book a Yangtze cruise?

Booking a cruise with Sinoway Travel is simple and straightforward. Our travel consultants will work hard to ensure that the booking process is seamless and customized to your exact specifications. Please be free to use our online contact form if you need more assistance.

Question: What does your price of the cruise include?

Included: Shipboard Accommodations, Meals, Shore Excursions, Onboard Entertainment, 24-Hour Room Service, and all Port Charges are all included in the tour package. Not Included: Personal Expenses, Gratuities, Alcoholic Beverages, Sauna/Massage Treatments, and Specialty Restaurants are not included in the tour package.

Question: Do you know which part of the vessel our rooms would be in?

The rooms are allocated by the staff onboard ship the day before you arrive, so we are not able to inform you as to what part of the vessel your rooms will be.

Question: How do I know which cruiser I am going to take? And how can I get onboard?

When you have decided to take a cruise with us, we will send you a confirmation letter with all the details of your tour including the name of the ship you will be taking. If you book a cruise package with us, it will include transportation to the pier and your personal guide will help you get onboard.