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Chengdu highlights-Canton Fair Tour

Tour code: CFP012
Duration: 7 days
Route: Guangzhou, Chengdu, Huanglong, Jiuzhaigou, Leshan, Mt. E'mei, Chengdu, Guangzhou
Attractions: Visit Giant Panda Breeding Center and a whole day sightseeing in Jiuzhaigou Valley which was honored by UNESCO as "World Natural Heritage List" in 1992.



Day1 Guangzhou / Chengdu
Transfer via: by air
Arrive in Chengdu. Be met by our English speaking tour guide at the airport. Then drive to Chengdu Research base and Giant Panda Breeding. Then visit Wuhou temple, the memorial shrine to Zhugeliang - the Prime Minister and Liubei the King of Shu kingdom.


Chengdu Panda Breeding Research Base is situated on the Axe Hill 10 kilometers from the north suburb of Chengdu City. It covers an area of 600 acres. The environment here is exquisitely designed; the air is refreshing with the bamboo growing luxuriantly and flocks of wild birds flying around. There are 43 giant pandas and tens of specious animals such as red pandas and black-necked cranes.  


Day 2 Chengdu / Huanglong / Jiuzhaigou (B, L, D)
Transfer via: Morning flight
Take the morning flight to Jiuzhaigou & Huanglong airport which is 3474m above sea leave level.


Drive to Huanglong which is considered the "Yellow Dragon", the golden-colored river bed, it was transformed from lava tens of thousands of years ago, can be seen climbing up from the bottom of the valley and disappearing far above Mount Xuebaoding, the main peak of the Minshan Mountains. You are going to enjoy the Welcoming Pool, Bathing Cave, Yellow Dragon Cave and Colorful Pool etc.


Drive to Jiuzhaogou.


Day 3 Jiuzhaigou (B, L, D)
You are going to have a whole day sightseeing in Jiuzhaigou Valley. It was honored by UNESCO as "World Natural Heritage List" in 1992 and "Man and Biosphere Reserve" in 1997. and became the precious wealth commonly owned by all mankind.


This is a sacred land with the best scenic spots and glorious views: a fairyland, primitive and natural, without a single drop of dirt, where majestic and unrivalled emerald lakes, layer upon layer of waterfalls, colorful forests, snow peaks and Tibetan folkways, forming a perfection of itself.


The attractions will be Narrow bamboo Lake, Panda Lake, Five Color Lake, Mirror Lake, Pearl shoal waterfall, Long lake, Colorful Pool, Seasonal Lake, Nuorilang Waterfall, Tiger Lake, Shuzheng Lake & Shuzheng Waterfall etc.


Day 4 Jiuzhaigou / Chengdu (B, L)
Transfer via: Morning flight
Fly to Chengdu in the morning, be met and transferred to visit the other "World Cultural Relics"---the famous Dujiangyan Irrigation Dam is waiting for your visit.


The System lies on the Ming River in the northwest of Dujiangyan City. It was built over 2200 years ago around 250B.C.under the direction of LingBing, the governor of the Shu Prefecture of the Qin State.


Day 5 Chengdu / Leshan / Mt. E'mei (B, L, D)
Transfer via: bus
Take tour bus from Chengdu-Leshan express way 140km to Leshan (about 2 hours). Enjoy the landscape of Chengdu Plain on the way. Sightseeing Lingyun Temple and the biggest carved Buddhist statue in the world.


The Grand Buddha is 71 meters high, carved into a cliff face overlooking the confluence of the Dadu and Min rivers.


After lunch, we have the other half an hour drive to Mt. E'mei Nation Dedicating Temple (Baoguosi) which was built in the 16th century, enlarged in the 17th century by Emperor Kangxi and recently renovated. Fuhu Temple -- "Crouching Tiger Monastery", as it is known in Chinese, is sunk in the forest. Inside is a seven-meter-high copper pagoda inscribed with Buddhist images and texts.


Afterwards, we have another 2 hours drive to Leidongping by tour bus, and then take the cable-car to Golden Summit (Jingding).


Day 6 Mt. E'mei / Chengdu (B, L)
Transfer via: bus
Get up in the early morning, If the weather is good enough, You will have the chance to enjoy the wonderful sunrise--one of the four famous wonders of E'mei Mt. (The four wonders is called the sunrise, clouds sea, Buddhism aurora and Holy light).


Take the cable-car to Leidongping, and then change to tour bus to Wannian Temple. As a magnificent and large-scaled temple, The Wannian Temple, located on the right peak of the Lion, is a very well known ancient temple of Mt. Emei.


After pay the visit to Wannian temple, drive back to Chengdu. You might go to enjoy the famous Sichuan cuisine, 'cause you are in the origin place of one of the four famous Chinese cuisine (optional).


Day 7 Chengdu / Departure (B)
Transfer to airport for flight to next destination.


Service end.