Beijing Rickshaw

rickshawWhen you hear the word rickshaw, you may think of the two wheeled carts pulled around by chinese guys with long braids that you see in old movies. But today, rickshaws are actually three wheeled bicycles often driven by old,retired men. There are fleets of them circling around the TianAnMen square area, and they are always willing to take passengers. It is mice to take a ride around the square in the evening, but if you do, make sure you come to a price agreement first. There are many con-men out there,and you have to be firm and clear about your price.there is no set fee for a ride, so you just have to decide how much you are willing to spend, and work with that, they usually ask for about 30 to 50 yuan.

The other are to take rickshaw rides is by the north gate of Beijing Park. This is the beijing hutong ( alleyway ) tour, in which you will by full 200 meters west, and when you see a long line of rickshaws that are identical, you are there.