Tours in China

Question: Can I have English speaking tour guide in China?

Yes, it is. All tour guides in China, have to get licensed by passing an exam. All English speaking tour guides are graduated from university and most of them were enrolled in English. They are well trained in explaining Chinas scenery spots as well as its sights and know how to deal with foreign tourists from western countries. The communication with and the help through our tours guides should consequently be no problem.

Question: Is it possible to get other foreign language speaking guides?

Yes this is also possible. We can also engage guides, speaking other foreign languages like German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, etc.! Please tell us in advance so that we have some time to arrange everything to your special language requirements. Usually an extra cost will be charged for other foreign languages tour guides, we do not have so many different kinds of interpreters all the time when you request, so we have to work on a 'first register, first service' policy.

Question: How to tip the guide, drivers or the bellboys during our China trip?

Tipping has become a common practice in China, but it is entirely voluntary.

The following is just for your reference to tip the tour guides, drivers and the hotel bellboy, if they have delivered a real good service.

Tip for your tour director (who accompanies you your whole China-holiday): 5 USD/day/person.
Tip for your local tour guides: 4 USD/day/person.
Tip for the driver or hotel bellboy: 2 USD/day/person.

In Restaurants (also the Hotel restaurants) it is not necessary to tip the waiter or waitress, because your bill does already include the service charge.

Please feel free to tip or not to tip according to your likes or the custom of your country.
For some activity tours like hiking, biking, rafting you should tip your guide higher, double or higher will be OK.

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