Legend of Kungfu

legend of KungfuThe Legend of Kung Fu combines with exquisite ballet and music, blends the best of Kung Fu and the beautiful Red theatre, this is the best Kungfu show in Beijing. Viewing such performances is a classic Beijing experience.

The Legend of Kungfu show is a story of a young boy found wondering outside an ancient temple somewhere in China, who dreams of becoming a Kung Fu master.

After being taken into the temple the young novice monk called Chun Yi (the pure one) has many temptations to overcome, but through hard work and over time he conquers and finally reaches his sacred goal of enlightenment.

As he grows up, he learns the physical skills of Kung Fu. He also learns that he must withstand temptations and distractions along the way, and throughout his life in order to maintain his discipline and Kung fu focus. Chun Yi meets the challenges, falls for and overcomes temptation and finally attains the honor of being named Master, becoming a wise teacher for the next generations.

Where: No.44, XingFuDaJie, Chongwen District, Beijing             
When: 7:30pm, usually seven nights a week

Book ticket online:    Legend of Kungfu at Red Theatre + one way hotel/airport trnasfer

The production was developed at the Beijing Red Theatre by China Heaven Creation, one of China 's leading performing arts producers.