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wangfujing StreetShopping in Wangfujing

Shopping in Wangfujing is tremendouly rewarding. Visitors will find the best products that China has to offer in the capital's stores while exploring a wide variety of interesting shopping venues like outdoor markets, small boutiques and luxury malls.

 Prices in Beijing are generally very competitive, but that can depend on your bargaining skills. In places like department stores, prices are clearly market and generally non-negotiable. Conversely, in markets, bazaars and shops where prices are not indicated, haggling is expected.

 Beijing's contemporary art scene is among the most exciting in the world, drawing the international attention. Fortunately, paintings and prints by Chinese artists are far more affordable in China than they are overseas. Moreover, they are among the most original purchases you can make in the city and, if history is any guide, their value can appreciate significantly.

 Among Beijing's best buys are art, antiques and reproductions, carpets, clothes, handicrafts, jewelry, silk and tea. You can acquire these goods and more at the following locations, listed in alphabetical order. Please note that the prices quoted below may be subject to change.

These all can be found in Wangfujing. even if you don't buy anything, Wangfujing is great place to stroll and people watch. Some visitors are approached by English-speaking "art students" trying to interest them in paintings that, it often turns out, are grossly overpriced.