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Royal Cuisine, Beijing

Royal cuisineAs the name suggests, royal cuisine is composed of the recipes and dishes of the imperial kitchens, dating from the time of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

Originating from the regional cooking of the Manchu and Han people the cuisine pays as much attention to the quality of its ingredients as to its design. Dishes that have survived retain much of the culinary art of the royal kitchens and the best known are Tanjia and Honglou dishes, both lightly-flavoured and exquisite.

The Man-Han Quanxi, a feast of complete Manchu and Han courses, was originally designed as a court banquet for the Manchu and Han people. It included at least 108 dishes that had to be eaten over three days.

Fangshan Restaurant is located in Beihai Park.

With a long history, Fangshan Restaurant has carried on and regenerated cuisine of the Royal family of the Qin Dynasty.

Imperial food from the Ming and pre- Ming dynasties has mostly disappeared by today. What has been preserved is the Qing Dynasty imperial cuisine because its cooks passed down their knowledge and skills, and because the palace kept dietetic records. Many famous chefs including Dong Shiguo national class chef serve at the restaurant. With helped by Premier Zhou Enlai, it was relocated from the north bank to Qiong Island of Beihai Park in 1959. Thanks to the leadership of Premier Zhouenlai and other leaders at all kinds levels, the restaurant attaches importance to the traditional culture and excellent service and resumes of over 800 kinds of royal family dishes.

It developed 10 kinds of royal banquet resumes containing Man Han Banquet.The dished at Fangshan are known for their delicacy,pleasing appearance and mild flavor.

To have a meal here, you can not only enjoy the delicious royal cuisine, but also savor magnificent royal gardens.Empress Dowager Cixi (1835 - 1908) used to take her meals after sight?seeing in the park. The elaborate Chinese meals will surely give you a unique experience that can't be found anywhere else. State leaders often entertain important guests at here. The restaurant has allured many Chinese and foreign visitors and serves over 100,000 guests year after year. Visiting Beihai Park and having meals at Fangshan is a important part of traditional tour program of Beijing. Beihai Fangshan was contained in the propagating program in Beijing's bid for 2008 Olympics.

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