Cycle around Beijing

Cycle in BeijingCycle around Beijing is another good idea for you to explore Beijing and getting near to the real life of citizen in Beijing. Your bicycle is a clean and environmental friendly tool and it provides healthy exercise while it is much more convenient than other vehicles; it is easy to park and it is faster than other vehicle during the peak time.

During the peak times, especially during the traffic jam on the busy roads in Beijing, Riding bicycle obviously is the fastest and most convenient way for a short journey. If possible, do not miss the trance to ride a bicycle for a short trip in the inner city. Most hotels in Beijing offer the service of bicycle hire and the price for daily rent is about CNY20-30, remember, a cash deposit is required.

Construction urbanized the city and led to the road space for bicycles reduced, with some of the existing bicycle tracks often used by motor vehicles, something caused not only enormous pressures on energy and environment, but also the serious and frequent traffic jams. Fortunately, a special line for bicycles has been built on the roads in Beijing. So, getting around Beijing by bike is safe. You also can ride in the Hutong, where the locals live in. When you riding, you can stop at any spot you are interested in. You may see the old men playing Chinese chess or skipping rope…

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