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The subway in Beijing is pretty convenient. The first subway was built in 1965. Now there are more than 12 lines completed in Beijing,  Construction of City Rail or Beijing Metro started in 1999.   Now you take even take Beijing-Tianjin high speed rail to go to the coast city of Tianjin in 1 hour.

1. How to find subway station

On the street, you can find nameplate of subway station like this: then you go downstairs by the stair nearby.

2. The lines of the subway
There are two main lines (#1& #2) and two complementary lines (#13 & Ba Tong line, Ba Tong line is the extension of #1 in the east ) Most foreign travelers will rarely venture off lines #13 and Ba Tong line. Usually #1 & #2 will bring you to the places you are interested in, so you will primarily be interested in a basic 3 RMB (line 1 & 2) ticket. This will take you anywhere on the main two subway lines. If you don't speak Chinese or at least indicate otherwise you will be sold a simple (line 1 & 2) ticket. If you really intend to take #13 or # Ba Tong, please just write down it on a piece of paper and show to the ticket seller.

Click here to see the map of Beijing subway

3. Buy a subway ticket

Go down the subway stations, you will find the counter where tickets can be bought. You can identify it as the picture showing below. During the rush hours (always before 10:00 am in the morning and around 5:00-7:00 pm ) you will queue in a long line.

4. The prices of the tickets

The ticket will set you back 3 RMB. (1 & 2). The other lines cost more money to ride. The following is the price table for your reference:

Subway Lines Price
Anywhere on lines 1 and/or 2 3 RMB
Line 13 only 3 RMB
Line 1 Ext (Ba Tong)  only 2 RMB
Transfer 1, 2, 13 5 RMB
Transfer 1, 2, 1 Ext (Ba Tong) 4 RMB

5. Go to the platform

After buying the ticket you then proceed down the stairs to the platforms. The punch cutter will ask you for your ticket before you enter the platforms. Most people in Beijing give them the whole ticket, as no-one will ever ask you for it beyond this point. Outsiders may feel uncomfortable without half of this ticket so if you insist, they will rip it in half for you allowing you to proceed with your proof. Then go straight to the platform to wait for the right train.

Beijing Subway Map

beijing subway map


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