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dashilan, beijingDashilan is the oldest and perhaps one of Beijing’s most fascinating streets to explore. Dashilan literally means “big fence”. If the Forbidden City has been a capsule of China's royal culture since the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644), then the Dashilan area in Qianmen is that of grassroots culture over the same period.

In the past, this district was cluttered South of Tian'anmen Square lies a quirky little district known as the Qianmen area. A prosperous business area since the Ming and Qing dynasties, the streets and hutongs (alleyways) around this district still bustle with people and atmosphere.

For once, although the big American chains (KFC and McDonalds) have hit the street, they have not ruined the authenticity of the area. Cinemas, video halls, Karaoke bars and clubs jostle with traditional Chinese shops and teahouses for space and attention in this intriguing little area of the capital.

Getting there is very easy. You can take the subway to and get off at the Line 2 at Qianmen Station. Or you can take a taxi and show the following to the Taxi driver.

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