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HongQiao Market

hongqiao marketHongQiao Market can be reached conveniently by Taxi. Just hand the Chinese name below to the taxi driver. The Market is located in the south central area of Beijing, just to the east of the Temple of Heaven. It opens 8:30am-7:00pm. It is an indoor mall. You can find various goods as antiques, jewelry, clothes, food, souvenirs, CD players, small electronics, gifts, toys, shoes in the up stories.

The quality of the goods is not always the best, but for the prices it is about what you should expect. Most stalls only accept cash but some of the jewelry stalls accept credit cards. Our advice is bargain for the deal, and don't expect quality. The market is rather chaotic but you will have fun poking around. If you are thinking of splashing out on something like a camcorder, best to stick to Wangfujing or Xidan. If you just want a CD player or a cheap camera, mp3 player, electronic dictionary, watch etc. Hong Qiao is not a bad option.

Rather chaotic but you will have fun poking around. A seafood market is located in the basement. Credit cards accepted at some jewelry stalls. The whole market is very noisy and interactive, as vendors encourage hands-on inspection on sale.

It would be easier to list what Hongqiao Market DOESN'T sell than to go through the remarkable range of goods crammed into this four-floor shopping paradise. On the lookout for fresh seafood, head for the basement and you are certain to find something. If you cannot find the suitcase or handbag you want, chances are it doesn't exist. That goes for electrical appliances. Oh! and they have lots of real (and fake) pearls. When it comes to Chinese memorabilia at knockdown prices, Hongqiao is the first call for many streetwise locals.

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